Billing notices now easier to understand

The Colorado Department of Revenue has made some changes to the look of billing correspondence.

  • Clearer descriptions of what has been reviewed and changed on a tax return are on the first page.
  • Where available, references are made to tax publications for more information.
  • Additional information on how to protest the changes is provided.
  • The Period Summary has been removed from the bill enclosures to simplify the notice. Taxpayers may still request the Period Summary and it will still be sent out by the department to detail the status of tax period when necessary.
  • If an adjustment is made to a return prior to the tax due date, the taxpayer will receive a “Tax Return Adjusted” letter, which is non-bill notification of the adjustment. This will give the taxpayer a chance to pay any additional tax due prior to the due date before penalty and interest is assessed.
  • For income tax, the taxpayer will receive the adjustment letter again in May with the “Notice of Deficiency” that includes penalty and interest.

All letters will be mailed as soon as it’s confirmed that tax is due. This will reduce date errors and problems with payments that are posted after the bill is issued.

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