Filing Year-End Withholding Statements

The Colorado Department of Revenue has a convenient and secure method of submitting withholding (1099/W-2G, W-2) annual reconciliation files online through Revenue Online.

Revenue Online provides employers/payers with a simple and secure method for filing year-end W-2, 1099 and/or W2-G statements.

Paper year-end statements
Although not recommended, employers or 1099 payers may submit paper statements along with DR 1093 or DR1106 if they have fewer than 250 employees/payees. However, the department encourages businesses or their tax providers to register in Revenue Online as a Withholding Submitter and use Revenue Online to report W-2 and 1099 annual reconciliation and submit reconciliation statements. NOTE: For 1099s, send only 1099 statements that list Colorado withholding.

NOTE: Employers or tax professionals who want to pay withholding tax by Electronic Funds Transfer may continue to make payments using EFT. However, the annual reconciliation must be filed, and using Revenue Online to do that is highly recommended.

See the Annual Withholding Reconciliation Web page with more information and steps on filing through Revenue Online.