Alert: Possible Telephone Scam

Fraudulent Party Claiming to be a Government Agency

The Colorado Department of Revenue would like to alert taxpayers of a possible telephone scam from a party fraudulently representing themselves as a government agency.

The caller will identify themselves as “Tax Crime Investigation Department.” They will state that you may have a “warrant out for your arrest because of your tax crimes; failure to file taxes; or failure to remit taxes.” They will also claim that to avoid being charged with a tax crime you will need to wire them a large sum of money.

This is NOT a call from the Colorado Department of Revenue.  We do not request tax payments in this way. We advise against wiring or sending any party money who claims they can clear up a tax issue.

When a taxpayer owes state taxes, the department will send written notification. When the taxpayer does not respond, our Tax Auditing and Compliance Division will attempt to collect the outstanding debt. The Criminal Tax Enforcement Section will not ask defendants in a case to wire money to avoid a criminal trial. We work with defendants and cases through attorneys and the legal system.

To report a possible fraudulent call, please contact our Criminal Tax Investigation Section.