A Best Practices Tip for Tax Professionals — Enterprise Zone Credits

A Best Practices Tip for Tax Professionals — Enterprise Zone Credits: NEW FOR 2012 INCOME TAX RETURNS. Any return claiming an Enterprise Zone (EZ) credit MUST be filed electronically and must report the carryforward amounts by year on Form DR 1366, “2012 Enterprise Zone Carryforward Schedule.” The Colorado Legislature has requested that the department report this information annually. Note that each tax year, the taxpayer must file an updated version of this form. Both the DR 1366 and the applicable certification form for each EZ credit claimed must accompany the return. Income tax e-file software and Revenue Online will include the DR 1366 form for online submission. However, if filing electronically is a hardship, taxpayers may call the department at 303-238-7378 or tax Professionals may call the Tax Practitioners’ Helpline (see the information at the end of these tips) to request a paper Form DR 1366 by mail. The form is not available for download from the Colorado Taxation Web site.