File online to get your refund faster

When it comes to income tax, 78 percent of individual taxpayers received a tax refund from the state of Colorado last year. The average state personal income tax refund was $442.

So far over 1 million taxpayers have filed a return. Of those returns already filed, nearly 90 percent have been filed electronically either through tax software, with the help of a paid tax professional or through the Department of Revenue’s free “Revenue Online” service.

 Haven’t filed yet? Try Revenue Online.

It’s human nature to put things off. The longer you wait to file, the longer it takes to get a refund because the volume of mail at the department grows every day up until the April filing deadline. Filing on paper causes delays, too. Refunds filed on a paper form in March could take up to five weeks to process. Returns filed in April that claim a refund can take up to 10 weeks to process. Filing electronically and requesting your refund by Direct Deposit dramatically cuts the time to receive your refund to seven to ten days because electronic filing reduces math and omission errors. Revenue Online, at, has a free e-file service for your income tax return. Look under Individual and choose “File a Return.”

Remember, if you file online there is no need to submit W-2s online or by paper. Filing online through Revenue Online or another e-file method eliminates the need to provide us with any W-2s or 1099 statements that contain Colorado Withholding upfront. Just make sure you enter all of your withholding information correctly and you are set.