Forget something on your return? Use Revenue Online!

Amend Colorado returns, submit Power of Attorney documents and protest taxes due through Revenue Online

  • You’ve filed your return. But now you need to amend your return.
  • Or, you want to designate your tax professional or another person to talk with the department about your confidential tax matters.
  • Or, you received a letter from us saying you owe more tax, and you disagree with the information in the letter.

You can handle all that through Revenue Online

  • File an individual amended return online, regardless of whether the original return was filed electronically or on paper.
  • Submit the Colorado Power of Attorney (DR 0145) form online.
  • File a Protest online for a refund amount received, notice of deficiency and/or billing notice.
  • See “Where’s my refund” information.
  • “Make a Payment.”
  • Upload supporting documents through “E-Filer Attachment.”
  • File a consumer use tax return through “File a Return.”

Revenue Online access to your tax account is similar to online banking
If you haven’t already done so, set up a User ID and Password to log in to you income tax account to see tax returns and payments; make payments; submit an agreement to pay request; update your address; view and print letters received from the department; and more.

Offering these services online, in one place, helps you quickly and easily transact tax business with the department from your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Anywhere you can access the Internet, you can access Revenue Online