Nonfiler Notifications from the Colorado Department of Revenue

The Colorado Department of Revenue mails a “Nonfiler Notification” to businesses that have not yet filed their wage withholding, sales tax or retailer’s use tax return for a specific tax period.

Revenue Online
Use Revenue Online ( to manage your business tax account. Once you create your own User ID and Password, you can:

  • File a return – any outstanding or overdue return may be filed by clicking the File Now link for each period. If the department filed a return on your behalf, you must click Amend a Return to proceed.
  • Pay electronically – click Pay by EFT or e-check/credit card to remit your payment.
  • Close your account – click Request to Close Account if your business has closed. Submit an E-Filer Attachment to upload a copy of the Nonfiler Notification with the closure date clearly marked. For a business with multiple locations that wants to close one site, send an email to

Respond immediately to a Nonfiler Notification letter by doing one of the following things. If you:

  • Already filed the return and paid the tax. Submit a protest to the Department. Send copies of your return(s) and proof of payment (see notification letter for details). Click File a Protest to upload your information to Revenue Online or Mail to: Colorado Department of Revenue, Denver, CO 80261-0004
  • Still need to file. File the tax return(s) for the period(s) and tax type(s) listed on the notification letter as soon as possible. See the Revenue Online information (above) for help. Remember, penalty and interest are due on late taxes and you must report tax even if it is zero.
  • Closed your business. Notify the department. See the Revenue Online information (above) or fill out the Account Change or Closure Form (DR 1102), which can be downloaded from

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