Sales Tax License Renewal

The two-year, $16 state sales tax license is for collection and filing of Colorado and local sales taxes that DOR administers. The Colorado sales tax license expires at the end of each odd-numbered year. The license fee is pro-rated every six months depending on when the business gets the license during a two-year period.

The current sales tax licenses will expire on December 31, 2013. A license for the two-year period that begins January 1, 2014 is $16 for each physical location. If a business has more than one physical sales location, each location must have a license. Sales tax taxpayers will receive a license renewal form in November.

License RENEWALS may be done through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in Revenue Online, You must first Sign Up for access to your tax accounts, then you can choose to use EFT. See our additional EFT tips for signing up and making payments.

If you cannot renew your license through EFT, you may use the paper form DR 0594, Renewal Application for Sales Tax License, available at