Attention sales tax coupon book users

Sales Tax Return (DR 0100) changes coming in January

Starting with January 2014 sales tax that is due February 20, the Colorado sales tax coupon booklet has been discontinued due to processing changes.

The Department of Revenue is implementing a new imaging system, resulting in changes to the formatting of the DR 0100. The documents will be larger (8 ½ x 11 size) so they can be imaged through our new system.

The department encourages all sales tax filers to use Revenue Online to e-file their returns, ensure return accuracy, and avoid costly mailing of forms.

Accounts that have transitioned to sales tax e-file through Revenue Online do not receive DR 0100 paper forms in the mail.

Starting in January, monthly single location sales tax account holders who have not made the switch to Revenue Online will receive six months of paper 8 ½ x 11 size DR 0100 forms, twice a year (second set in July).

Quarterly single location filers who are not using Revenue Online will receive two DR 0100 forms twice a year (second set of two forms in July).

Multiple location filers who are still filing on paper will continue to receive their DR 0100 forms by mail but they will be in the new 8 ½ x 11 format. For more information on e-filing for multiple location businesses, see the Web page Multiple Location/Jurisdiction Filers.

Reminder: Sales tax account holders are required to file a return for each filing period, even if it is a zero return, to avoid non-filer notices or automatic sales tax account closures.