No more sales tax coupon booklets

2014 sales tax forms will come in the mail, but they will be a different size.

Taxpayers with single location businesses who have been filing sales tax for more than one year may be used to receiving the coupon booklet format.

Starting with January 2014 sales tax that is due for monthly sales tax filers on February 20 (for quarterly filers, due April 21), the Colorado sales tax coupon booklet is discontinued due to cost and processing changes. This means changes to the size and layout of the DR 0100 paper forms. The documents are larger (8 ½ x 11-size DR 0100 forms).

Monthly Filers — The mailing to monthly filing single location businesses contains six (6) DR 0100 forms.

Quarterly Filers – The mailing to quarterly filing single location businesses contains two (2) DR 0100 forms.

Accounts that have transitioned to sales tax e-file through Revenue Online ( will not receive DR 0100 paper forms.

Form Instructions

There is only ONE instruction page included with this packet of DR 0100 forms. Keep the instruction page with the forms for reference each filing period. The 2014 filing year form instructions will be available on or around January 31 on the Colorado Taxation Web site at

Special Note: Completion of the Deductions and Exemptions page is now required. See the instructions for guidance. 


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