Important Withholding Tax Annual Reconciliation Information

 ▪ W-2 and 1099 withholding and annual reconciliations must be submitted separately. Do not mix W-2s and 1099 in one filing.

▪ Visit Revenue Online to verify the returns and payments you have made for calendar year 2013. When you sign up for Revenue Online account access, make sure you note the User ID and Password so you can Login again in the future.

▪ Be sure to submit the returns with the correct filing period to avoid errors on your account. Use the annual reconciliation form to reconcile the calendar year by completing a balance due or a refund requested on the form. If there is a balance due, complete a paper DR 1093 (for W-2s) or DR 1106 (for 1099s) and send to the department along with a check. Do not carry any balances for 2013 forward to the next calendar year.

▪ Do not send a paper annual reconciliation to the department if you submit your W-2s and 1099s to the department electronically through Revenue Online (unless there is a balance due as noted above).

▪ If you receive a bill, the bill must be paid by check. To ensure proper credit on the account, include a copy of the bill and note the Colorado Account Number (CAN), tax type, and period on the check.

▪ Do not file a tax return if you are submitting an EFT payment for your regular period W-2 or 1099 withholding. The EFT transaction is the filing of the return. No paper document is required when paying withholding by EFT.

See the Annual Withholding Reconciliation Web page for more filing tips, due dates and instructions.