If you write a check, make sure it is complete

While it is important to get your tax payment in on time, don’t neglect to fill in all the lines on the check, otherwise your payment will be delayed, which may result in billing notices you could have avoided.

Don’t send in blank or incomplete checks. The department has seen checks where the numeric amount is not filled in, the amount is not spelled out under the Pay to the Order of line, or the Pay to the Order Of line is blank. The department will send these checks back to taxpayers.

Include your Social Security Number (SSN) or Colorado Account Number (CAN). The department cannot always identify the taxpayer account by a name alone. It is difficult to give proper credit to an account with a common name, such as John Smith, when there is no other identifying information on the check or money order. 

When using checks with previous home or business addresses on them, or when using personal checks for a business tax account payment, it is very important to put the appropriate SSN or CAN on the check

While it is understandable that some taxpayers may be wary about putting identifying information on a check, omitting the information will more likely result in a bill because the department cannot determine the account where the payment should be applied.

Make sure you have included all the information on your check so the department can apply it to your tax account.

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