Use payment vouchers/coupons when you cannot pay your tax electronically

Taxpayers who e-file their tax returns are encouraged to take advantage of online payment by e-check or credit card in Revenue Online. When choosing payment by check, the payment voucher from Revenue Online or other tax software automatically includes the appropriate tax account number. Print it and include it with the bank check or money order. It is also very important that:

  • The check includes the Colorado tax account number, either Social Security Number (SSN) or Colorado Account Number (CAN). For first-time individual income tax filers, provide the complete SSN on the check. For individuals who have previously filed returns, the taxpayer’s full name and last four digits of the SSN are acceptable.
  • The check includes the business name or taxpayer name that is on the tax account if different from the name preprinted on the check.
  • The payment voucher/coupon comes to the department with the check. The payment voucher can be printed from inside Revenue Online at the end of the return completion process.

When the voucher and the check come together to the department, that will ensure proper assignment of the payment to the correct account.

Or, pay online by e-check or credit card through your tax account in Revenue Online.